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We’re changing the national dialogue



Dear Brandenburg,

Did you know that NCOSE is 54 years old? We have been leading the battle against pornography for decades! Along the way, victories and setbacks have abounded. We see an enormous opportunity before us right now though! The movement has shifted and we are definitively winning. 
For years, the public debate about the harms of pornography was limited to a small minority of values-driven advocates that were routinely ostracized from the mainstream media.
Then a dynamic new argument hit center stage: the public health crisis of pornography.
Suddenly, the values-driven advocates were joined by academic researchers, neurosurgeons, secular organizations, and more. Suddenly, our cause had both inherent human dignity and science on its side, and that was a message that couldn’t be ignored.
In 2005-2006 there were approximately 200,000 articles written that mentioned the potential harms of pornography to public health. The numbers have since skyrocketed. 
In 2015-2016 there were over 4,710,000 articles on this topic.
That’s a 1,870% increase in 10 years.
The National Center on Sexual Exploitation was at the tip of the spear for this transformative shift in national discourse. The ripple effects of the public health messaging are still being felt, and multiplied, today.
We hope you will continue to help push this message!
Dawn Hawkins
VP & Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
Director, Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation
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