Catholic cardinal compares abortion to Nazi eugenics: ‘It is not a human right to kill another person’-et varia-Life Site

BREAKING: Pro-abortion Joe Biden says Pope Francis told him to ‘keep receiving Communion’ By Michael Haynes and David McLoone
Cardinal Müller insists pro-abortion politicians like Joe Biden cannot receive the Eucharist By Michael Haynes
Editor’s Picks
  Pope Francis and Biden meet in Vatican to discuss climate and COVID shots, not abortion By David McLoone   Catholic cardinal compares abortion to Nazi eugenics: ‘It is not a human right to kill another person’ By David McLoone
  Nearly ‘two-thirds of bishops’ disagreed with restrictions to Latin Mass, Vatican journalist reveals By Emily Mangiaracina   Catholic Church in the US ‘seems to accept abhorrent practice’ of abortion: Cdl. Burke By Cardinal Raymond Burke
Top News
Cdl. Burke condemns profanation of Eucharist on eve of Pope Francis’ meeting with Biden By Pierre Boralevi
Faceless ‘Catholic robot’ designed to help people pray put on display in Polish church By Pierre Boralevi
Pope uses spiritual segment on BBC radio to discuss laundry-list of social justice issues By Michael Haynes
SSPX’s Canadian district issues statement supporting religious exemptions for COVID shots By Jack Bingham
Join Regina Angelorum Press’s daily worldwide Rosary HERE By
Biden White House refuses to say if it’ll comply with judge’s pro-religious exemption ruling By Calvin Freiburger
Christian orphanage needs help to care for abused and abandoned Pakistani children By LifeSiteNews staff
More Catholic News
Middle school boys allegedly assaulted by male classmate in scandal-plagued Virginia county By Raymond Wolfe
Five former Virginia AGs demand investigation of school district for covering up rape By Calvin Freiburger
Pro-life ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ actor slams hypocrisy of anti-gun Alec Baldwin after accidental shooting By Anthony Murdoch
Biden’s pro-abortion ‘gender equity’ plan ignores harm to women from pro-trans policies By Calvin Freiburger
Canadian Conservative leader proclaims that all party members in Parliament will be vaccinated By Anthony Murdoch
French Senate debates vax passports, pushes back on Macron’s harsh COVID measures By Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent
BREAKING: FDA approves Pfizer’s COVID shot for children as young as five By Calvin Freiburger
In-N-Out Burgers near San Francisco go drive-thru, take-out only to avoid vax status mandate By Ashley Sadler
Pro-life groups call on Congress to uphold ban on taxpayer funding of abortion in latest budget bill By Matt Lamb
Ron DeSantis sues Joe Biden over ‘authoritarian’ federal jab mandate By Ashley Sadler
The research is in: COVID jabs are ineffective at preventing coronavirus infections By Paul Elias Alexander, PhD
The global elite are ‘playing God’ in their push to digitize human life with the Great Reset By Leo Hohmann
As more ‘vaccines’ are injected into Americans’ arms, ‘breakthrough’ COVID cases are increasing By Joel S. Hirschhorn
NBC claims parental outrage over Virginia high school ‘trans’ rape is political stunt By Nicholas Fondacaro

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