Treason from The Deep State?

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Posted Dec 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

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I have received a lot of emails asking why just five days after the New York Post revealed the Hunter Biden laptop story that went all the way to the top involving his father, now President Biden, the former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced on October 19th, 2020, a letter stating that this was a product of Russian disinformation and “hacking.” There have been people looking into this pair of Neocons who will say anything to reach their end goal – World War III to wipe Russia off the face of the earth and attempting to investigate what amounts to TREASON. They are insisting on war and were against Trump for he did not want to wage war against Russia. That contributed to the whole RussiaGate nonsense.

It has been clearly established now that both Brennan and Clapper knew the Steel Dossier was fake and created by Hillary. They remained silent propelling the country into wasting millions and creating an image where 70% of Democrats believed that Putin interfered in the 2016 election. Without Putin, Hillary would have won and since Trump was against funding the NeoNazis of Ukraine that John McCain promised in December 2016 even before Trump was sworn in, that was it. He had to be removed to keep the hatred going of the Neocons.

Both of these guys did everything they could to ensure Trump would be removed from office. Why? Because Trump was anti-war the same as John F. Kennedy. The one thing that I was shocked and impressed with about Donald Trump was when I went to dinner at Mara largo in March 2020. He said then that he wanted to pull the troops out of Afghanistan. It was the first time I ever heard ANY head of state express any remorse for those who die in these endless wars.

Trump said he was sick of having to write letters to the parents explaining that their son died for his country with honor. He said that they were fighting there over borders and religion for 1,000s of years – “What difference are we going to make?” That will make those who just hate Trump angry. They listen to all the one-sided propaganda and are incapable of free thought.

Trump discovered that the people in his cabinet were all plants from the establishment. John Bolton never saw a war he did not support. He cared nothing about the boys who die for his Neocon extremes, or of the children whose lives will be forever changed because their father dies for Bolton’s Neocon dreams.

Robert McNamara (1916 – 2009) was a leading Neocon during the 1960s who pushed the country into the Vietnam war.  He was famous for saying:

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I met Robert McNamara back in the ’90s. I must say, he was less of a Neocon thirty years later. Before he died in 2009, he wrote a book, which I recommend should be MANDATORY reading for all Neocons.


What you think is real is far more dangerous than anything else when you have a settled closed mind. That is the mark of stupidity – not intelligence.

The very thing that destroyed Communism is what they are trying to do with us – end all conversation and accept only what they tell us. It is curiosity that keeps human society advancing. If we are not curious and question our surroundings, we crumble and die. A healthy debate of the issues is vital to our future survival as a society. Shut that down as they are doing right now with government censorship of social media, the end will not be that far behind.

The Deep State is controlled by the Neocons. They cannot sleep at night without an enemy. They NEVER advocate peace – they always want war. Most people believe that JFK was taken out by the CIA because he was against Vietnam. As soon as he was gone, Johnson took us into Vietnam even when the tapes confirm he knew the Vietnamese never attacked us. So much for details. They always need to pretend that they are not the aggressor – it is always the other guy.

Understanding the Neocons

Understanding the Neocons

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QUESTION: I saw you on TV here in Russia. I think you are more respected in Russia than in the United States. You are the only person ever to say that war is created by politicians and not the people. Do you see any hope of avoiding war?VRANSWER: Unfortunately, no! The only real question is how bad does it get?As I said at our World Economic Conference, nobody has tried to defeat this model more than me. I have come to see that you really cannot change the long-term because nobody will act for the future. They only react to immediate news and propaganda. Congressman Adam Kinzinger said that NATO could take out Russia in only three days. Kinzinger is the new John McCain. He always advocates war and is clueless. His statement that NATO could take out Russia in 3 days is the most absurd statement I have ever heard.Kinzinger acts as if NATO could completely destroy Russia in 3 days and they never get a shot off? It is beyond me why these people always preach war and have ZERO regards for the consequences. These people should be barred from ever holding office even for a dog catcher. They live in a delusional world. They also hate China. So they are supposed to wait until NATO destroys Russia in 3 days and then we turn to destroy China in 5 days? Then we also ask North Korea and Iran to please wait their turn for destruction.The US, Europe, Russia, China, and even Iran all have their Neocons. We should gather them all up, throw them in Madison Square Garden, sell tickets and bet on who is the last one standing. Anyone else who wants to be a Neocon should just be put in the line for the next match.

German Coal Consumption Soars

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Posted Dec 29, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

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All of this anti-Russian warmongering that the West needs desperately to create a war to hide the total collapse of our Marxist-based Socialist Economy where politicians only know how to run by promising free programs for everything.

Blowing up the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany to economically undermine Russia has undermined the German economy as well – the heart of Europe. Pollution levels in the country have indeed at times reached those of the worst polluting countries.

The energy shortages that have been deliberately created have resulted in surging power prices.  Germany has been compelled to turn to cut down trees for wood and to boost coal use. All of this has taken place while they are supposed to be committed to fighting climate change and the Greens object to any nuclear power.

To keep the factories operating and just the lights on, Germany is now burning coal at the fastest pace in at least six years. Europe’s largest economy is in serious danger of an economic crisis despite the EU’s drive to phase out all fossil fuel.

Many have asked why our computer has been so bearish on the Euro. Just look at German Real Estate. The high was in 1999 in both nominal and real terms. Then look at 2007. That was the real estate boom in the USA with the Mortage-Backed disaster. It never exceeded 1999 high. Now, look at the 2021 high. Once again, we see a lower high. Here we are 23 years from the 1999 high and still making corrections. Add to all of this the deliberate energy crisis and the rising costs just to stay warm are very serious.

Germany is the heart of the EU. Without a solid economic performance from Germany, the Euro is doomed.

The Real-World

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The Real-World


Posted Jan 12, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

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Your point about foreign money buying US assets and then adding back money to domestic circulation is quite profound. The inflows from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe are enormous. These monies had to come from somewhere. They were a result of globalization, accumulating dollar assets offshore, or having to convert their currencies into US dollar assets. This was never taught in any of my economics, trade, or finance classes back in the 1970’s. Then, the US economy was still a manufacturing-based one and the concept of money taught then was still the Fed and how it conducted OPEN MARKET OPERATIONS. Today, the Fed competes with so many forces it can’t possibly do the job it was designed to do, which was to make the money supply elastic across the US…forget about international money flows, which today are so large, their vast team of financial experts can’t possibly measure much less track them.

The money supply and what is taught in schools are the problem. They have these terms for it: M1, M2, and M3…when in fact in a debt-based economy, money is debt, not paper. What gives it utility is the ability to facilitate exchange, But at its core, the key is confidence in the country that issues it and the citizens who produce the wealth that backs it.  The politicians in the US have worked to destroy the currency by consistently abusing it, by spending money without limit, and by convincing people, there is no cost in doing so as long as the US fights every war and defends open markets.

I agree with you that the US dollar will be the last man standing. Because every other country’s currency is simply inferior and the countries that issue it don’t produce enough wealth to consistently make it competitive in world markets.


REPLY: I know. People want to argue with me based on what they read in school or what the press reports. I have been taught by my clients. Being called in to solve problems around the world, I have been fortunate to see how capital really moves. I have met with many central banks, and the IMF, testify before Congress on these subjects, and even attended an OPEC meeting and was called into China for the Asian Currency Crisis. I have been called in by heads of state and summoned by Presidential Commission investigating Crashes. I was even asked if I would teach at one of the most prestigious universities in the world and when I asked why I was told that they “know what they teach doesn’t work.”

Our major clients know this. It takes perhaps someone with experience like you to grasp the reality of the world economy and how it truly functions. We are plagued by Marxist ideas for every economist then thinks that their job is to manipulate society to create the perfect world. Here is Larry Summers saying you cannot predict the economy and if you could, then everyone would follow it and make it so. This is the problem with academics. It is all theory and no real-world experience. This is why they have accused me of manipulating the world because if the forecast is correct, then it’s because I influenced it with our clients. That is why the bankers told the CFTC I had to be silenced. They wanted to manipulate the world, and when they lost, it was always my fault.

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Cleopatra’s Proxy War Using Mark Antony

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Cleopatra’s Proxy War Using Mark Antony

Blog/Ancient Economies

Posted Jan 12, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

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COMMENT: Martin,
Just a quick note to thank you for sharing your excellent knowledge on world and ancient coins. Your two recent blogs on “Hoards in History” and “18th Century Copper Riots and Private Money”, were insightful. While I appreciate your daily blog on world affairs and the economy in general, I find I am now starting to collect Ancient Greek and Roman coins! Can’t wait until you consider writing a book on world and ancient coins that is more than just a simple catalogue of prices.
Best regards,

REPLY: I had no idea that so many people have become interested in ancient coins. I listed some and we have been swamped with orders. Most should be out by next week. My assistant, as I have teased her, has suddenly become a coin dealer. I am doing a book on the legions of Mark Antony. In matters of war, as I have said, you always have both sides putting out their propaganda. Every article you read in West Russia is losing and about to collapse. Russia has not used its strategic weapons because they understand that the US and NATO have been using Ukraine to get a glimpse of Russia’s real capability. Its most advanced aircraft have not been used as Putin now understands this is really a proxy war and Ukraine is just the pawn. Putin is keeping those weapons in check to prevent NATO and the USA from getting a preview.

The battle of Actium is what was the birth of Imperial Rome with the victory of Augustus over Antony and Cleopatra. As part of Anton’s propaganda war, he issued coins for every legion he had and then some in an effort to project that he had more support than Octavian.

In turn, Octavian’s propaganda was that Cleopatra was manipulating Mark Antony and this was really a proxy war between Egypt and Rome. When Antony and Cleopatra were defeated, Octavian was awarded the title Augustus and his coinage announced his victory, but he did not mention Mark Antony. The coinage reflected his propaganda that it was really Cleopatra and Egypt who was waging war against Rome.

Yet this issue of coinage by Mark Antony is reflective of the current proxy way that the United States is carrying out against Russia using Ukraine just as Cleopatra used Mark Antony. What is even more fascinating is that clearly, Cleopatra funded Antony on a massive scale. It is estimated around 30 million denarii were struck. They were the most common coin found in Pompey which was buried in 79AD  which was about 110 years latter. Here is a worn example countermarked “IMP VES” meaning Vespasian during the civil war that followed the death of Nero in 68AD.

No other Roman coin was struck in such quantity reflecting the about of sheer funding that Cleopatra provides to conquer Rome. It is the Ukraine of Ancient Times.

This is a fascinating story that can ONLY be provided from the coinage. This should be going to press next month.

Russian Black Fleet Heads to Sea

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Russian Black Fleet Heads to Sea


Posted Jan 12, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

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Russian Navy ships and submarines have suddenly left their base at Novorossiysk, in the Black Sea, en-masse. This is highly unusual and many fear that this is a change in tactics. The Western Press keeps trying to paint Russia as losing the war so, quite frankly, they can get more people to volunteer to join the military if they think they are on the winning side.  There is no question that the US and Russia are waging the most intense confrontation since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Our model on that confrontation aligned with our major war model showing that 2014 was the end of that period and the beginning of this new period as we head into World War III.

The hardliners are not happy in Russia and President Vladimir Putin is being pushed into a corner. Either he gets more aggressive, or they could be a coup. The hardliners are using nuclear threats and other escalations in what they know is now really a proxy war of the USA and NATO against Russia using Ukraine as the pawn they are willing to sacrifice.

Washington is wielding its own array of pressures to paint Putin as a loser. The good news is that, so far, both strategies have been fairly carefully calibrated. The bad news is that America and Russia are still on a collision course because the end goal is actually to conquer Russia.

Sweden has now instituted a draft. Poland is building its army of up to 250,000 men. All of this is based on the expectation that Ukraine can reduce the Russian army and that will make it a cakewalk to invade and drive tanks from Poland right into Moscow.

Sweden will boost military spending by around 40% over the next five years from 2016 and double the numbers conscripted into the armed forces as it looks to beef up its defence amid growing tensions with Russia post-2014. Meanwhile, France, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania scrapped conscription as they concluded that large-scale defence was no longer necessary before 2014, but now they have all reversed policies.

The Joe Biden administration pledged to defend “every inch” of Nato territory. That has complicated matters for Putin to interfere with Ukraine’s supply lines through Romania and Poland. The Western Press keeps pitching the same propaganda that Putin is spiralling toward defeat in Ukraine and may not survive that outcome politically. Yet I know that the hardliners are there and if Putin does not become more aggressive, they may indeed replace him by May and then holy hell will break loose.

Putin is warning Washington as well as Kyiv that attacks on those territories are tantamount to attacks on Russia itself. The Biden administration has opted not to listen to anything from Putin and only seeks war instructing Zelensky to sacrifice his own people and to reject any peace talks whatsoever. If the US hands Zelensky long-range missiles, he will use them to attack mainland Russia and that will begin World War III.

EVERY President throughout my entire life has always sought peace. The Biden Administration and NATO only talk about pushing war. NEVER have I ever witnessed such irresponsible leadership for this is really about Climate Chang

Post-Faucist America

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Post-Faucist America

Without crucial reforms, the NIAID boss Anthony Fauci will be neither gone nor forgotten.

By Lloyd Billingsley

December 4, 2022

“Seeking exceptional candidates: NIH posts job ad to replace Fauci,” headlined a November 23 Helio report, which asked “experts” what qualities they would like to see in the person who replaces Dr. Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. 

One of the experts was Dr. Peter Hotez, professor of pediatrics and molecular virology at Baylor College of Medicine. Hotez earned a degree in molecular biophysics from Yale, a doctorate in biochemistry from Rockefeller University, and an MD from Weill Cornell Medical College. 

Cornell is where Anthony Fauci got his MD, and the professor is a huge fan.

“Replacing Dr. Fauci after so many decades will be daunting,” Dr. Hotez explained, “not only because Tony was a superb administrator and scientist, but also because he helped the U.S. Congress and executive branch understand the importance of infectious disease research to national and global security. Dr. Fauci’s replacement must not only be an important American scientist but also an adept science explainer, convener, and advocate.” 

Dr. Fauci is also “a punching bag for the far right since the earliest days of the outbreak,” contended Dr. Hotez in “The Unique Terror of Being a Covid Scientist After January 6.” That June 21, 2021, Daily Beast commentary was subtitled “It’s no coincidence that one of the first guilty pleas in connection with the Capitol riot was of an anti-vaxxer.” 

Hotez charges that in 2020 “the Trump White House embarked on a deliberate antiscience disinformation campaign.” The “far-right fringe” mounted “attacks” on Fauci and Dr. Peter Daszak who heads the EcoHealth Alliance.

“I agree with Dr. Fauci when he says that these personal attacks represent an assault on American science,” Hotez argued, but there was more to it. “Ultimately, the far-right hunt for biomedical scientists represents an essential element for totalitarian control that goes back almost 100 years. In this context courage and standing up for democratic values demands that the American people throw their full support behind scientists and scientific institutions. To do otherwise is to capitulate to the forces of insurrection.”

That piece is the primary reference for Hotez’s July 28, 2021 paper, “Mounting Anti-science Aggression in the United States,” which leads with: “A band of ultraconservative members of the US Congress and other public officials with far-right leanings are waging organized and seemingly well-coordinated attacks against prominent US biological scientists.” Dr. Hotez perceives a drive toward totalitarianism and cites Hitler, Mussolini, and even Joseph Stalin. 

Countries holding “similar views” include Hungary under Viktor Orban and Brazil under Jair Bolsonaro, Hotez explained. No word about the repressions of China’s Communist dictatorship, and their vast biological warfare apparat. Like Fauci, Hotez is uncritical of China’s totalitarian state, and criticizes Republicans for “pointing fingers at virologists both in the US and China.” 

In America, “we should look at expanded protection mechanisms for scientists currently targeted by far-right extremism in the United States.” Hotez likes the Scientific Integrity Act of 2021 but “still another possibility is to extend federal hate-crime protections.” (emphasis added). That caught the attention of attorney Jonathan Turley. 

Hotez, Turley noted, is “calling for federal hate-crime protections to be extended to cover criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci and other scientists.” Criminalization of dissent is the hallmark of totalitarian states, and Hotez wants to “criminalize” criticism of Fauci. That invites a look at the longtime NIAID boss, in government for more than 50 years. 

Like Hotez, Fauci is a medical doctor, earning his MD in 1966 and taking a job with the NIH two years later in 1968. So if Fauci ever practiced medicine, it was only for a short time. Unlike Hotez, Fauci’s bio shows no advanced degrees in molecular biology or biochemistry, but the NIH made him NIAID boss in 1984. Nobel laureate Kary Mullis Ph.D., inventor of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was on record that Fauci “doesn’t understand electronic microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine. He should not be in a position like he’s in.” But he was.

Dr. Fauci is on record that “I represent science” and that his critics are therefore attacking science itself. Dr. Hotez agrees with Fauci that “these personal attacks represent an assault on American science.” On the other hand, Hotez shows no interest in probing the facts and realities of Fauci’s policies. 

For example, Dr. Fauci told people not to bother with masks, then urged everybody to wear a mask or even two masks. Dr. Hotez doesn’t say which view represents science. As a treatment for AIDS, Fauci promoted azidothymidine, also known as AZT and Zidovudine, a highly toxic DNA chain terminator that neither prevented nor cured AIDS. 

Hotez does not pronounce on the science of Fauci’s drug experiments, with multiple casualties among black and Hispanic foster children in New York. In similar style, Fauci recommended COVID vaccines that failed to prevent infection or transmission, but proved quite profitable for pharmaceutical companies. That marks a departure from the Salk vaccine, 90 percent effective against polio, and which creator Jonas Salk gave away for free. Albert Sabin also declined to patent his very effective polio vaccine. 

In June, Senator Rand Paul asked Fauci if anybody on the vaccine committee “ever received money from the people who make vaccines?” Fauci failed to answer and claimed that his own royalties averaged less than $200 per year. As Americans might recall, the jury is still out on the long-term effects of the vaccines Fauci wants administered to everyone, including children, the group least vulnerable to COVID. If Hotez has conducted research on vaccine injuries it does not emerge in his paper.

Hotez is aware of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) but his paper fails to mention that Fauci funded that dangerous research then lied about it to Congress. Hotez seems unaware of the supply chain of deadly pathogens to the WIV from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. 

Fauci maintains that the COVID virus arose naturally in the wild. This is speculation, not science, which requires observation, testing, and replication. Dr. Hotez replicates Fauci’s view and ignores mounting evidence of a laboratory origin. When former CDC director Robert Redfield found evidence of a laboratory origin he got death threats

That threat seems to have escaped Hotez’s notice, who also ignores Fauci’s attacks on the medical scientists of the Great Barrington Declaration. They include Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford, and Martin Kulldorff, a former professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. 

They took issue with Fauci’s draconian lockdown policy, but rather than engage them in debate on the facts, Fauci and NIH boss Francis Collins called for “a quick and devastating published takedown,” of the Barrington scientists. Bhattacharya and Kulldorff told the story in “The Collins and Fauci Attack on Traditional Public Health.” 

Hotez would have these scientists charged with a hate crime for daring to criticize Dr. Anthony Fauci. And remember, Hotez agrees with Fauci’s claim that Fauci represents science. He doesn’t, and it’s not even close. 

This megalomaniac Lysenko figure is the closest the United States of America has come to totalitarian rule. For a different comparison, see Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, Director of the NIH Office for Policy in Clinical Research Operations, fired after flagging misconduct in Fauci’s trial of nevirapine to treat AIDS.

“Dealing with Tony Fauci is like dealing with organized crime,” Fishbein told Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in The Real Anthony Fauci. “He’s like the godfather. He has connections everywhere. He’s always got people that he’s giving money to in powerful positions to make sure he gets his way, that he gets what he wants. These connections give him the ultimate power to fix everything, control every narrative, escape all consequences, and sweep all the dirt and all the bodies under the carpet and to terrorize and destroy anyone who crosses him.” 

To cross Fauci is to challenge him on scientific grounds. Consider the experience of Peter Duesberg, who earned a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Frankfurt in 1963. As Jeanne Lenzer noted in Discover Magazine, the next year Duesberg arrived at UC Berkeley as a postdoctoral fellow “hoping to unlock the secrets of cancer.” At the age of 33, Duesberg was the first scientist to discover a cancer gene (oncogene), which he isolated from a virus. 

At 36, Duesberg earned tenure at UC Berkeley, where he served as professor of molecular and cell biology. In 1986, at age 49, Duesberg was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and awarded a National Institutes of Health Outstanding Investigator Award, as Lenzer noted, “one of the most prestigious and coveted grants.” 

Professor Duesberg knew that retroviruses don’t kill the host cells they infect, so he was skeptical when NIAID boss Anthony Fauci proclaimed HIV to be the cause of AIDS, with no scientific study making the case. In March of 1987, in the journal Cancer Research, Duesberg published “Retroviruses as Carcinogens and Pathogens: Expectations and Reality,” questioning the role of HIV as the cause of AIDS. As Lenzer noted, the man colleagues might once have regarded as the “Einstein of biology” was then smeared as an “AIDS denier.” 

For the previous 23 years, Duesberg had never had an application for public funding turned down. That funding began to disappear under NIAID boss Fauci, who controlled both AIDS policy and spending on medical research. Fauci also contrived to cancel Duesberg’s media appearances, and his cancer research took a hit. 

His laboratory once boasted two secretaries and was teeming with graduate students and postdocs, but by 2008 the only occupants were Duesberg and a single graduate student. Had Dr. Fauci been shown the door, and had Duesberg received the funding his research deserved, a cure for cancer might be closer at hand. 

When they investigate Fauci, the new Congress should get testimony from Duesberg and Dr. Fishbein. And maybe the erudite Dr. Hotez can testify how Dr. Fauci represents science. 

All things considered, it’s hard to overestimate the damage Fauci has done. The sycophantic Dr. Hotez suppresses the truth, slanders Fauci’s critics, and seeks to criminalize those who oppose him. 

After Fauci officially steps down, NIAID will likely appoint an interim director, and NIH is accepting applications for the job through January 17. Under the Biden Junta, the primary qualifications will be fidelity to the Delaware Democrat and replication of Dr. Fauci. The obscurantist Hotez is doubtless a primary contender, as with that appointment Fauci would retain a strategic ally in the system. 

Dr. Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, is head of bioethics for the National Institutes of Health, which oversees NIAID. By all indications, Grady had no ethical problems with anything Fauci imposed on the people, or his connections with Big Pharma. The bioethics boss will doubtless give her husband’s successor a free pass. 

The NIAID boss leads a $6.3 billion institute, with a staff of 5,300, and research efforts in more than 100 countries. That is far too much power for any individual, especially a non-practicing physician who first does harm, has no use for informed consent, and declines to debate more qualified scientists on the facts. That all must change and Bhattacharya and Kulldorff show the way ahead. 

“In academic medicine, landing an NIH grant makes or breaks careers, so scientists have a strong incentive to stay on the right side of NIH and NIAID priorities,” they write. “If we want scientists to speak freely in the future, we should avoid having the same people in charge of public health policy and medical research funding.” 

Those functions should be permanently separated. The new NIAID boss should be under a five-year contract, renewable only once, subject to review, and fireable by the president. Without these commonsense reforms, white coat supremacy will hasten the fundamental transformation of America from a free constitutional republic to a dreary Soviet Covidistan. 

About Lloyd Billingsley

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Hollywood Party and other books including Bill of Writes and Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation. His journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Spectator (London) and many other publications. Billingsley serves as a policy fellow with the Independent Institute.

Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

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Descent Into Public Health Totalitarianism


Descent Into Public Health Totalitarianism

By David Stockman

International Man

December 17, 2022



The unspeakable stain of the Covid tyranny requires the very opposite of the “pandemic amnesty” that the craven poltroons at the Atlantic magazine suggested recently. That’s because the precedent was such a grave affront to constitutional liberty and capitalist prosperity that those responsible should be exposed, hounded and shamed, and prosecuted where warranted, so that future power-grabbers will forever be reminded that tyranny cannot be imposed with impunity.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, there were legions of pedigreed epidemiologists and other scientists—many of who later signed the Great Barrington Declaration—who correctly held that viruses cannot be extinguished via draconian quarantines and other clumsy one-size-fits-all public health interventions; and that when it came to corona-viruses in particular, it was doubtful whether even vaccines—which had never been successful with coronaviruses—could defeat the latter’s natural propensity to mutate and spread.

In a word, from its earliest days, there was no reason for a sweeping intervention by the public health apparatus at all. Nor for the coercive one-size-fits all, state-driven mobilization of quarantines, lockdowns, testing, masking, distancing, surveilling, snitching and ultimately mandated mass vaxxing with experimental drugs developed under a dangerous multi-ten billion government subsidy scheme called Operation Warp Speed, followed by an open-ended Emergency Use authorization that shielded the pharma companies from any and all liabilities.

That truth from the earliest days was especially the case because in addition to decades of scientific knowledge about the proper management of virus based pandemics, there existed the screaming real time evidence from the stranded Diamond Princess cruise ship. The 3,711 souls (2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew) aboard skewed heavily to the elderly, but the survival rate known in mid-March 2020 was 99.7% overall, and 100% for those under 70 years of age. In short, just 0.19% of an elderly skewed population had succumbed to the virus. So the facts which were known to the White House (or certainly should have been) made absolutely clear that the Covid was no Black Plague type threat. Full stop.

From the beginning it was evident to independent scientists that the COVID-19 spread was an intensive but manageable challenge to America’s one-at-a-time doctor/patient health care system. The CDC, FDA, NIH and state and local public health departments were only needed to dispense solid information per their normal education role, not orders and sweeping regulatory interventions into every nook and cranny of the nation’s economic and social life.

We are now just over 30-months on from Donald’s foolish empowerment of Dr. Fauci and his Virus Patrol in mid-March 2020, and all doubt has been removed. If there were two countries on the planet which had diametrically opposite policy approaches with respect to the Covid, it was Australia, which degenerated into an outright public health tyranny, and Sweden, where officials kept their minds open to the facts and social institutions—schools, churches, shops, theaters, malls, factories etc–open to the public.

The graph below, which charts the incidence of confirmed Covid cases on a cumulative basis, tell you all you need to know: Namely, that lockdowns and other draconian social control and quarantine measures can temporarily suppress the spread—essentially by extinguishing human social interaction—but cannot keep the genie in the bottle indefinitely.

Thus, as of one year ago (November 26, 2021) Sweden had recorded 114,000 confirmed “cases” per million people versus just 8,000 per million in Australia, leading the Covid crusaders to say, “we told you so”.

The answer, of course, was not so fast. Either the province of New South Wales and other heavily populated regions of Australia were going to remain outdoor prisons forever, or the lockdowns would eventually be lifted and the virus would do what respiratory viruses do—spread among most of the population.

That’s exactly what happened, and one year later the results are crystal clear. The cumulative rate of cases per million in Australia soared by 51X to 407,000 during the next 365 days!

The green line in the chart above is so stunning, in fact, as to suggest that the gods of contagion had determined to punish the insouciance of the Australian Virus Patrol with malice aforethought.

By contrast, the cumulative case rate in both the US and Sweden barely doubled during that period, since the vulnerable population had long since been exposed, infected and (overwhelmingly) cured.

Moreover, it’s not as if the late eruption of cases in Australia was owing to the nation being suddenly over-run with anti-vaxxers, as if the vaccines, as promised, actually stop the spread, which they do not.

Still, the evidence shows that Australia led the vaccination rate parade, as well. As of late November it had administered 242 doses per 100 people or slightly more than the 237 doses per 100 in Sweden and 197 in the US.

Next, we will look at the death rate implications.

Reprinted with permission from International Man.

The Best of David Stockman

Former Congressman David A. Stockman was Reagan’s OMB director, which he wrote about in his best-selling book, The Triumph of Politics. His latest books are The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America and Peak Trump: The Undrainable Swamp And The Fantasy Of MAGA. He’s the editor and publisher of the new David Stockman’s Contra Corner. He was an original partner in the Blackstone Group, and reads LRC the first thing every morning.

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